Things to know about Karwa Chauth & Importance of Karwa Chauth in married women’s life

Karwa Chauth & Important DayThe Karva Chauth is a one-day festival that Hindu women traditionally celebrate in northern India. Women fast from sunrise to moonrise to preserve and encourage longevity and safety in their husbands (and sometimes their boyfriends). On the day of Karva Chauth, women keep waterless fast all day long and stay fast of Karva Chauth for the long life of a husband. It is very hard to stay without eating anything for the whole day but Indian women do it with happiness. Read on to learn more about this past festival of India.

Importance of Karwa Chauth in married women’s life

On the Chaturthi of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month, Suhaginas celebrate Karvachauth. This time Karvachauth will be celebrated across the country on 17 October 2019. On this occasion, we are telling you how you can make your day happy by giving romantic Karwa Chauth Gift from Gifting Deal.

 Things to do on this special day

sagri gift giftingdeal.comGet up before the sun rises on the day of Karva Chauth. You must get up with all the celebrants before dawn, and you must have something to eat and drink. If you belong to Uttar Pradesh, you probably eat soot feni. Feni is a dish with sugary milk which is made in the night before the celebration. This mixture is supposed to help you refrain from water the next day. In Punjab, sargi is a significant part of this meal before dawn.

  • The sargi contain food items that are given to the daughter in law by the mother in law.
  • Mother-in-law will prepare the meal before sunrise.

Remember that fasting begins at dawn. This is a difficult feat, as you should not eat or drink during the day.

Different activities during Karva Chauth

  • In the morning, you will spend time with the other women in your community, and they will put the henna on their hands and feet with each other.
  • Before sunset, they will meet in a place (which may be someone’s house) to perform the rituals associated with the puja. Together, they will pray for the well-being and longevity of their husbands as they pass berries to each other.
  • The puja is a ritual in which ladies show reverence to a god, a spirit, or any other aspect that relates to divinity.
  • The berry is a basket of gifts with products such as almonds, pieces of jewelry, and other things. You can get the best Karwa Chauth Gift from Gifting Deal.

Like other Indian festivals, gifts are an integral part of the Karva Chauth ritual. When talking about Karwa Chauth Gift from Gifting Deal, Sargi and Baya are two important gift habits that cannot be missed during Karwa Chauth. If these gift rituals are not followed, Karwa Chauth must be considered incomplete.

Gift for Karva Chauth

Sargi is among the variety of Karwa Chauth gifts, usually given in the morning, to a woman by mother-in-law. However, at present, recent trends include clothes from Indian designer brands and beautiful Indian jewelry. Married women are expected to wear traditional Indian clothing and Indian jewelry at night during the Karwa Chauth ritual. So the beautiful Indian jewelry included in Sargi is best Karwa Chauth Gift because a married woman can decorate with the beautiful Indian jewelry that her mother-in-law gave her. There are many other varieties of gifts that women give to their daughter-in-law. In addition to Sargi and Baya, the husband gives his wife a gift( great collection of gift at Gifting Deal) and represents his love and gratitude.

Gold jewels, gold-plated jewels, and jewels can be given by the husband to their wives to show their love for her.

Tips for the Karwa Chauth   

  • Do not eat much when you break the fast. It is essential to drink a lot of water and eat something healthy.
  • Do not fast if you have any medical problems related to health.
  • Do not exercise during fasting.

So Karwa Chauth is fast which is based on the faith of ladies. They keep hungry for whole day for the long life of their husband. So it’s also duty of husband to keep them happy by giving special gift on this day. There are huge variety of gift in market, you can choose best one according to her choice.