Diwali Festival In The Different States Of India

Diwali celebration in different states of India
Diwali celebration in different states of India

Diwali or Deepavali is one of the prime Hindu festivals and it unites the whole of India. This sparkling Diwali Celebration is celebrated in different parts of the country. It has been celebrated for ages in various parts of the country with great enthusiasm and fun. Many religious significances associated with the festival, there are various ways of celebrating this festival too in different states of India. Gifting deal ends have ample personalized gift options that you can consider this occasion for your loved ones. From kids, boys, girls to adults they have all sorts of gifts that you can personalize as per your expectations.

How Diwali Celebrated in Different states of India

different states of diwali celebration
different states of diwali celebration

This festival of lights is celebrated with great grandeur and excitement all over the country in various different ways as mentioned the following:

  • North India

The celebrations of Diwali are starting with Dussehra, where Ramlila, a dramatic rendition of the story of the Ramayan is depicted. It continues for several nights ending with the defeat of Ravana (Evil) by Ram (Good).

  • Himachal Pradesh state of Delhi and Punjab people are also engaged in gambling on Diwali night. It is considered to be auspicious. A few days before Diwali, the markets of North India are crowded with Diwali shoppers same-day delivery gifts in Delhi.
  • Shopping, cleaning, gambling, redecoration, whitewashing, home decoration, exchanging of personalized gifts online and sweets are part and parcel of the celebrations.
  • Eastern India

Eastern India is including the lighting of lamps, candles, diyas, along with bursting of crackers. Houses are brightly lit because of the belief that Goddess Lakshmi does not enter a house that is dark.

  • In-state of West Bengal, Laxmi Puja is celebrated six days after Durga Puja. Diwali is celebrated as Kali Puja.
  • Odhisa too, Diwali festival is marked with paying tributes to forefathers. They are showing light, may you attain peace in the abode of Jagannatha.
  • Western India

Western India is one of the associated with business and trade. A few days before Diwali, the markets of Western India are crowded with Diwali shoppers are offering cheap personalized gifts.

  • Gujarat Diwali celebrations are the night before Diwali and Gujaratis create colorful rangolis in front of their houses. Rangoli is one o the integral part of Diwali in all states in Western India. Footprints are also drawn to welcome Goddess Laxmi. On Diwali, houses are brightly lit.
  • Southern India

Diwali is celebrated in the Tamil month of aipasi an it also Naraka chaturdasi thithi. This day precedes the amavasai day. Naraka Chaturdashi is the main day of the Diwali celebrations and there are states of south India celebrated Diwali  the following:

  • Tamil Nadu, one day before the main day, the oven is cleaned, and then it is smeared with lime. Religious symbols are drawn on the oven, filled with water. They are used on the main day of the oil bath. Tamil Nadu People wash their homes and decorate with kolam designs. These are similar to rangolis in North India.
  • Andhra Pradesh peoples are believed Krishna’s consort Satyabhama had actually killed demon Narakasura. These people’s prayers are offered to special clay idols of Satyabhama. The rest of the celebrations is similar to those observed in other southern states.
  • Karnataka, On the first day, which is the day of Ashwija Krishna Chaturdashi, people take an oil bath. Bali Padyami is the third day of Diwali Celebration when women sketch colorful rangolis in their houses and build forts from cow dung. There are stories associated with King Bali and they are celebrated on this day. Karnataka celebrations are two main days of Diwali.